Midcoast Conservancy Hosts a Wildlife Habitat Tour and Conversation

Join Midcoast Conservancy for a unique experience: take a Wildlife Habitat Tour on a farm in Montville, and learn about the ways in which owners John Twomey and Leigh Norcott have nurtured the natural environment there. The workshop is on August 4th, from 2-4 pm, and will include the observation and discussion of various wildlife habitat initiatives. Attention will be focused on the creation/improvement, the maintenance, and the wildlife beneficiaries of such efforts.

If time permits, the discussion will extend to the management of apple trees, oak trees and ponds for the benefit of wildlife. As they pursue a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle, John and Leigh do all they can to live in harmony with the many wild creatures who make their homes on the farm. They do this by maintaining and improving wildlife habitat in fields, brushy areas and woodlands. Much of this will be discussed and observed during the walk.

This is the first such wildlife habitat walk in what we hope will evolve into a series of opportunities for participants to share what they are doing for wildlife on their properties. Most people in the Midcoast area put a high value on wildlife, and wildlife habitat is key to the survival of all of the creatures we love. This series of walks was envisioned to help people learn more about what they might do for wildlife on their own properties.

As a youngster John Twomey spent countless hours observing and interacting with wildlife around his rather isolated childhood home. In the process he acquired a deep love of nature, a love that has persisted throughout his life. This love led him to acquire a farm in Montville and to work steadily, since 1978, on creating, improving and maintaining wildlife habitat throughout the property. John spent 37 years as a professor at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

He and his partner Leigh Norcott, a former elementary school teacher, retired in 2009 and have lived on the farm in Montville full time since then. They are both avid naturalists and thoroughly enjoy living quietly, deliberately, and in harmony with the wildlife on Hogback Mountain. John’s book, Retiring To, Not From: From Massachusetts Professor To Maine Farmer, was published in 2016 and includes detailed information on growing and preserving food as well as on the creation and protection of wildlife habitat.

To learn more about John, click here or listen to a re-broadcast of an interview with him on Maine Calling on July 4th.

This event filled to capacity last year, so early registration is suggested.

To register for the tour, click here or call Midcoast Conservancy at (207) 389-5150.