Wiscasset Route 1 Downtown Update:


Wiscasset Route 1 Downtown Update: 08/12/2019

08/12/2019 12:45 PM EDT
2 Week Look Ahead

Week Ending 8/17/19

– Raise Structures

– Grading Sidewalks

– Set Pedestrian Base

Week Ending 8/24/19

– Raise Structures

– Pave Base in Brick Sidewalk Areas

– Install Brick Sidewalks

– Detectable Warning Fields

– Granite Bollards

The Wiscasset Downtown Improvements include:

Main Street (US Route 1)

  • Full road reconstruction
  • New, wider brick sidewalks
  • Sidewalk lighting
  • Granite bollard posts and chains
  • Renovated stairways and railings
  • Sidewalk bump outs to assist with the new pedestrian crossing areas
  • New traffic signals at the intersection of Middle & Main Streets and at the intersection of Water & Main Streets

Railroad Avenue

  • Full road reconstruction of Railroad Avenue up to Lincoln Street
  • New parallel parking spots
  • A new parking lot with a retaining wall, two bus parking stalls, paved sidewalks, bollard lighting and a black chain link fence
  • Spot drainage improvements

Water Street

  • Rehabilitation and partial reconstruction of Water Street North including reconstructed sidewalks from Main Street to Lincoln Street

Creamery Wharf

  • Repaving and restriping