Lucia Droby, owner

Carriage House Gardens

Notes on Social Media Workshop

Are you promoting your business via social media?  If not, get started!  If yes, what else do you need to know?  In essence, this was the theme of Abbie McGilvery’s presentation at the Chamber/Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission-sponsored social media workshop on 9-13-18.  About 45 people were in the meeting room at LCRPC to be told what to do next.

Abbie, owner of From the Nest in Portland, was a great presenter with lots of social media and client experience.  She’s also hilarious and welcomes every question with an understandable response.

Her theme for the morning was: “Think about social media as a digital scrapbook which you share with others.” How wise of her to lessen our anxiety by making a comparison to a simple medium with which we’re all familiar.  So, when I asked her why I’d bother using Instagram, she referred back to the scrapbook and how it helps inform and deepen relationships.  Ah, Instagram . . . now I get it, sort of.

For someone like me whose social media row-to-hoe is a rocky one, I’ve accepted the necessity of using social media, and I chip away at that learning curve in tiny increments.  I was glad to hear Abbie recommend that we not take on more than we can handle.

Some people in the room didn’t have a web site for their business, or had never used Facebook, or weren’t convinced yet that this was the right direction in which to move.  Fortunately, Abbie could respond to everyone’s level of proficiency, or lack of.  However, her one unbending direction was to have a web site for your business because “everything (all other social media) leads back to the website.” It’s your website, she emphasized, that makes your business real and gives it credibility.

There were so many other tips and bits of helpful advice to use, but I thought it was best to grab onto something pertinent at my level of social media proficiency and just let the rest go for another time.  For many of us, this will be a constant learning experience but, with some expert guidance like this workshop, it can be an enjoyable and profitable journey.