Maine’s ConnectKidsNow! Program Enables Redzone to Expand and
Upgrade Infrastructure to Offer Free Internet to Hundreds of
Underserved Maine Families
December 2, 2020 – Redzone Wireless, LLC, a Maine-based broadband service
provider, announced a new initiative to bring free broadband to hundreds of
underserved Maine families to power remote learning.
Redzone Wireless has been selected to receive federal CARES Act funds,
administered by the Maine Department of Education and ConnectME to expand
and upgrade broadband infrastructure in 19 regional areas by the end of
December in order to provide 50 Mbps broadband to 375 students, and
“Redzone is thrilled to participate in this program to reach more students with
expanded broadband infrastructure, upgraded wireless technology & capacity,
while also delivering affordable broadband access to thousands of additional
underserved locations in Maine,” said Jim McKenna, Redzone Wireless CEO.
“This program represents a significant step on the long journey to address
Maine’s digital divide.”
New Redzone fixed wireless broadband infrastructure is currently under
construction on 6 new towers in the following communities: Bucksfield,
Charleston, Dexter, Dresden,and Lincoln (2).
Upgraded broadband infrastructure is also currently in development on existing
towers located in the following communities: Augusta, Belfast, Caribou, Morrill,
Frankfort, Livermore, Rumford, Machias, Orrington, Jefferson, Sanford, Hope,
and Union.
Broadband infrastructure development began in early November, with new
construction and upgrades scheduled for completion by December 30th.
Service installations at qualified student locations will begin before the end of
the year and continue into the month of January.

Maine student or teacher households without 25 Mbps broadband service
located within areas approved for the program should apply as soon as possible
for a connection online at or call 207-596-5700
M-F for additional information.
“Initial response to this student broadband program has been excellent,
highlighting Maine’s widespread need for both expanded broadband access
and affordability,” said Michael Forcillo, Redzone Executive Vice President.
“Considering the urgency for remote learning prompted by the ongoing
pandemic, it’s not surprising program applications received to date have come
from all across the state.”
Redzone Wireless, LLC is deploying an FCC licensed 4G LTE and 5G fixed
wireless broadband network across Maine. The company’s advanced network
maximizes coverage and capacity using its wide channels of FCC licensed mid
band spectrum at 2.5 GHz – effectively extending the reach of regional fiber
optic networks to large geographic areas. Redzone’s fixed wireless network
provides an economically viable, and sustainable premium broadband Internet
service alternative to DSL, fiber, or cable.

Media Contact:
Michael Forcillo